Monday, March 29, 2010

The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli

Congratulations to Tatjana Soli, whose debut novel The Lotus Eaters (St. Martin's Press, 2010) is reviewed (and strongly praised) by Janet Maslin in today's New York Times. Tatjana graduated from the MFA Program at Warren Wilson College in 2006.

Read all about it here:

Tatjana Soli’s haunting debut novel begins where it ought to end. In this quietly mesmerizing book about journalists covering the war in Vietnam, the first glimpses of the place are the most familiar. The year is 1975. Americans are in a state of panic as North Vietnamese forces prepare to occupy Saigon. The looters, the desperate efforts to escape this war zone, the mobs surrounding the United States Embassy, the overcrowded helicopters struggling to rise above the chaos: these images seem to introduce Ms. Soli’s readers to a story they already know.

NOTE: The review (look along its left side) also links to Tatjana's website, which contains a wonderful excerpt from the novel.


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