Saturday, February 27, 2010

Albion College: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

A commentator who calls himself(?) John Doe and who seems to know a great deal about what is happening at Albion College left the following comment to my earlier post on the decision to cut 10% of the faculty (approximately 15 full-time equivalent positions) as part of a "cost cutting" move at Albion College.

I did not want Mr. Doe's comment to go unnoticed.

After reading this, I wonder if we should change the name of the school to "Aspirational College."

Mr. Doe writes:

The situation is somewhat more distressing than the official notice lets on.

The president and Board of Trustees also want to suspend the Faculty Handbook in order to enforce the cuts with minimal interference or input from the faculty.

Another indication of concern is that some recent pronouncments from the administration refer to other schools in the GLCA (which includes schools such as Oberlin, Kalamazoo, DePauw, Hope, Kenyon) as an "aspirational" group. In the past these were considered as peer instutitions. But now it seems Albion is being positioned in a peer group with slightly less prestigious regional schools like Alma, Adrian, and Olivet -- not that there's anything so bad about those schools, but if students and parents are being asked to pay out some $30,000 a year, they should also know what comparisons to make.


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