Friday, December 11, 2009

Current Reading

I am a bit more than a third through Jim Harrison's The Farmer's Daughter (Grove Press, 2009), a collection of three novellas. I started with the second story, "Brown Dog Redux," in which Harrison revisits the title character, a good-hearted seldom-do-well of prodigious appetites who may be half American Indian. If memory serves me--and since I am at work, it must--Harrison has written three other novellas in which Brown Dog is the central character.

Harrison has a unique voice and is a master at the novella form (perhaps his best known work is Legends of the Fall, a collection of three novellas published in 1979)* and thus far, The Farmer's Daughter does not disappoint.

The Great Blizzard of 2009 was largely a bust in Michigan. As the Once-Constant Reader will recall, I am obsessed with dramatic weather events. I was ready to perform many heroic feats in the face of the heartless storm--and to blog at length about them--but the possibility of ending up in the ditch--or even, of having to shovel my way from the front door to the driveway--did not materialize.



*I double-checked and Yes, I was correct about the date the book was originally published. Good one! At least my mind has not entirely turned to Gruyere.


Blogger Harvey Morrell said...

While I liked this one (especially the last story), it didn't grip me like the English Major did. I thought the ending of the first novella was too pat, and the BD one was pretty depressing.

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