Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jack Ridl's "Losing Season"

"Losing Season isn't just a great book of poetry, for it is much more than that––it is more like the Great American Novel we have long hoped would grace our literary landscape."

-Richard Jones

This gorgeous book is just out from CavanKerry Press. I have heard Jack Ridl read poems from collection–––which was many years in the making––and they are wonderful. Losing Season tells the story of a town, a coach, and a basketball team that is perpetually on the cusp of winning a game––of turning things around––and cannot quite bring themselves to do it. If Spoon River High School went into overtime––and lost at the buzzer––Jack Ridl would be there to chronicle it.

Jack Ridl is a professor emeritus from Hope College and knows what he is writing about––poetry-wise and basketball-wise. His father C. G. "Buzz" Ridl was a highly regarded (and winning) basketball coach at Westminster College and at the University of Pittsburgh, where he coached the team into the NCAA's Final Four.

Poems from Losing Season have appeared in Chelsea, Passages North, The New York Quarterly, Ploughshares, Yarrow, and many other literary magazines and anthologies.

Don't miss this one!


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I'll look forward to this one. Thanks for sharing the news.

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