Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Festivus-in-August, with Mixed Metaphors, Product Placement, and Jumbled Cultural References

In the first Festivus-in-August Miracle, the power came back on yesterday afternoon at 5:30. For my post-storm "feats of strength," I single handedly dropped a thousand-plus pound branch that was hanging from twenty feet up in a maple tree and cut it into pieces, using only a pruning saw--and no ladder.

Today, I am a walking advertisement for ALEVE, official pain reliever of Sonnets @ 4 A.M.

Not to worry.

I AM a lumberjack, and I am okay.

But for our pain relief, we're kickin' it old-style here at S@4AM.


At work today, FEMA is revealing our new county flood-plain maps. Seriously, this is exciting stuff. I am something of a nut for multi-colored GIS maps.

The Gipsy Kings' version of "Hotel California" is my "song of the moment."


Blogger Hannah said...

Festivus in August? I didn't know this was happening. So when do we get to sit around the table together and list our grievances? I have many.

8:56 AM  

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