Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekend Update

"Imagine it," he said to her, "when Sidney Crosby finally scores a goal--all the flashing lights, the horns, the crowd going wild..."

Erika stared at him. She suddenly realized that this relationship was going nowhere.

The dedication of the Judith Minty Room in Ludington was much fun. It was a beautiful day, there was a good crowd at the Ludington Area Arts Council, and several well-known poets were there, including Josie Kearns, Joe Matuzak, and Philip Sterling. Each of us had the assignment of saying a few words about Judith and her work. As a result, I ended up cutting a poem and about half of my speech on the fly, so it was an interesting forensics event (speech forensics--i.e., extemporaneous speaking--not that criminal stuff). My thanks to fiction writer George Dila, major domo of the Ludington Visiting Writers' Series, for organizing the event.

Judith was, as usual, the best.

We bowed out of the after-celebration dinner and drove home. The kids were spending the night with their sitter so we made dinner and (yes!) watched Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (priorities, yes!), where (YES!) the Detroit Red Wings took a 2-game lead on Pittsburgh.

Somewhere in Western Pennsylvania, an inebriated Michael Caine is singing the second chorus of "It's Over."*

My goal this week is to survive today's predicted thunderstorms and get back to the novel. I must have a productive summer, writing-wise. This is also a big sports week. On Saturday night, we're taking the boys to see the Detroit Tigers play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim--or whatever they are now called. I do hope the Red Wings sweep the Penguins by winning the next two games in Pittsburgh. If they don't, Game 5 of the Cup Series is back in Detroit on Saturday night, and all of the traffic, fun and frivolity of simultaneously winning the Stanley Cup and beating the LA-A-of-A Angels may be too much for me to bear.


*See: Little Voice (1998).


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