Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If Only I Wrote Song Lyrics

"...takes a ladder
steals the stars from the sky,
puts on Sinatra and he starts to cry."

Great lines.

Stephen Bishop wrote this song, of course, and this is a very good video (from the late 70's, I'd guess), of Bishop singing it. I was actually looking for a video of Kenny Rankin's wonderful version of this song. Rankin died Sunday in Los Angeles at age 69. If you don't know his work, start with a copy of his 1976 album, "The Kenny Rankin Album" (on which this song appears), recorded with a big band conducted by Don Costa. Costa, of course, is best-known for his work with Frank Sinatra.

Rankin played in Bob Dylan's backup band on "Bringing it All Back Home" in 1965, and wrote the song "Peaceful," made into a hit by Helen Reddy.

He had a remarkable voice--warm and rangy--and great taste in material. He will be missed.

Kenny Rankin (1940-2009)


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