Sunday, June 14, 2009

Speak Up For a Free Iran

The effects of the suppression of the vote in Iran for former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, are discussed in this article from the New York Times:

Quoting Ferdowsi, the epic poet, he said, “If there is no Iran, let me be not.” Poets are the refuge of every wounded nation — just ask the Poles — and nowhere more so than here in this hour.

Ferdowsi (c. 935- c.1020) wrote "The Great Book" or "Book of Kings," the national epic of Iran which told the history of the Persian people. Written in rymed couplets, "The Shanameh" is several times longer than the Odyssey. When not paid by the ruler for whom he had created the poem, Ferdowsi left behind a poem, stuck to the wall of the room where the poet had worked for more than thirty years. It was a long and angry poem, more like a curse, and ended with the words:

Heaven's vengeance will not forget.
Shrink tyrant from my words of fire,
and tremble at a poet's ire.


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