Thursday, May 21, 2009

Positive Reviews

I stopped by school over the lunch hour and found that the evaluations were already returned from my Spring Semester composition class. And the evaluations were positive. In fact, they were enthusiastic. The consensus among my students was that the class was a lot of work but very much worth the effort.

One student wrote: "Take this class. The prof./class are awesome. You will learn a lot."

I am particularly happy about the positive reviews for this class. I know I can motivate a poetry class--I love the topic and (generally) the students want to be in the class. Keeping a group of first year students enthused about a composition class that none of them particularly want to take--well, that's something. And most of the students also acknowledged that the class was a great deal of work--more work than their friends seemed to be doing in other, similar composition classes.

"So I've got that going for me. Which is nice."

-Carl Spackler


Blogger Beth said...

I just checked in for a dose of S@4am and read this. I think this must be personal gratification week - student acclaim for a tough class, cool green doors and a riding mower. Life is good in Michigan. Maybe the Carole Lombard dream next?

3:56 PM  

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