Sunday, April 05, 2009

Progress Note

I often tell my comp students that if they can't write effective transitions, they should at least be well-organized and break their longer papers into sections. I seem to be testing that method in Project X. I am on page 26, just beginning Chapter 3. I have characters, a setting to negotiate them through, and the dialogue is good. A lot of the description and poeticizing will have to come during revision.


I just took the dogs out, and found three deer staring at me from the trees, just a few feet beyond the edge of the yard. The dogs were so intent on their doggy tasks and the deer blended so effectively into the brush––I was the only one who noticed them.


We landed in Honduras aboard an unmarked, olive-drab DC-3.



Blogger Andrew Shields said...

I always tell my students to not break papers into sections, because they need to write effective transitions! :-)

8:14 AM  

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