Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Moment with Jim Harrison


I want to die in the saddle. An enemy of civilization
I want to walk around in the woods, fish and drink.

I'm going to be a child about it and I can't help it, I was
born this way and it makes me very happy to fish and drink.

I left when it was still dark and walked on the path to the
river, the Yellow Dog, where I spent the day fishing and drinking.

After she left me and I quit my job and wept for a year and
all my poems were born dead, I decided I would only fish and drink.

Water will never leave earth and whiskey is good for the brain.
What else am I supposed to do in these last days but fish and drink?

In the river was a trout, and I was on the bank, my heart in my
chest, clouds above, she was in NY forever and I, fishing and drinking.

-Jim Harrison


I don't so much want a drink this morning, but it's going to be in the seventies today and I would love to be slipping into the Pere Marquette River right about now.

Muchas truchas grandes, as we used to say.

Where is Gary Sorensen when you need him?


Blogger Cindy Hunter Morgan said...

Ah, yes. Or Big Creek.

1:38 PM  
Blogger friberg said...

thank you for this.
Here's the latest Maira Kalman picture poem/essay/art piece in return.

5:34 PM  

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