Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fifty Years of Southern Poetry Review

From the back cover:

This substantial anthology charts the development of this influential journal decade by decade, making clear that although it has close ties to a particular region, it has consistently maintained a national scope, publishing poets from all over the United States. SPR's goal has been to celebrate the poem above all, so although there are poems by major poets here, there are many gems by less famous, perhaps even obscure, writers too. Here are 183 poems by nearly as many poets, from A.R. Ammons, Kathryn Stripling Byer, James Dickey, Mark Doty, Claudia Emerson, David Ignatow, and Carolyn Kizer to Ted Kooser, Maxine Kumin, Denise Levertov, Howard Nemerov, Sharon Olds, Linda Pastan, and Charles Wright.

Among the less-famous-but-I-hope-not-too-obscure poets published in Don't Leave Hungry: Fifty Years of Southern Poetry Review (University of Arkansas Press, 2009) edited by James Smith is...uhm, me.


I'd bring you cauliflower
and the leaf tips of artichokes.
Or tiny radishes and
wild fennel, the violet ribs
of chard, shorn of all flesh;
sliced ginger root, the woody hearts
of parsnips––acidic, astringent.
You might try the leeks:
one end spring green, the other––
forged in mud––
resplendent, bone white.
You might cut through the pulp
of these purple beets,
splay them across wilted
spinach, swirl them
with turnips, pungent mustard
greens, weedy amaranth
or rapini, slightly past its prime,
saute them all with olive oil
and chopped garlic.
Are they bitter?
That is something best known
at the root of the tongue, where
muscle and blood run thick,
where the nerve ends fire,
fire, fire
at whatever starts to gag,
snapping shut the voice box
and binding the heart to silence.

-Greg Rappleye


Blogger Charmi said...

Very nice, Greg. I'll have to pick this up.

8:20 AM  
Blogger B_Love said...

Congratulations, Greg...

I am also in this volume, and when I got it, I about fell over. This is really some great honor, and the editor must be commended for some extraordinary work. BD Love. Author of "Carp" Your work is excellent.

5:06 PM  
Blogger University said...

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