Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why Won't ArtServe of Michigan Stand Up for Michigan Artists?

Why is ArtServe of Michigan, which bills itself as an advocacy agency on behalf of the arts, supporting the elimination of the Michigan Department of History, Arts & Libraries? Here is their explanation,* which makes no sense to me.

Friends, if you support arts funding, if you are an advocacy agency for artists, if you believe as I do that "arts are a priority" even––especially--in a difficult economy, demand a seat at the table and fight for arts funding.

Put down the brie and Chardonnay. Back slowly away from the Eames chair.

Get back in the fight.

* To paraphrase: "Golly, times are tough, and after all, this is what the Governor wants to do. If we don't complain, maybe someone in Lansing will come up with a different way to fund the arts. Pass the brie, Muffy. Be a darling, Biff, and get me another glass of Chardonnay."


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