Friday, January 02, 2009

On The Friday That Feels Like Monday

Back to the rock pile today. We have an organizational meeting that is held (by rule) the first business day following New Year's Day. There are many "good government" reasons to have such a rule, but none of them sound very persuasive at the moment. Whenever the subject has come up in the past, I have argued that we need the meeting asap because the Board needs to elect its leadership, pass banking resolutions, name committee chairpersons, etc.

This morning, part of me wishes I'd kept my big lawyer-yap shut.

Enough complaining.

The illustrations are of the Great Comet of 1861, which (for the moment) is figuring in a new poem.

I was able to make quite a bit of writing progress over the past ten days. I hope to finish another poem over the weekend.

Onward. Soon enough, "the Friday that feels like Monday" will feel like Friday again.


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