Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Storm Warning

We have a huge snowstorm headed our way that includes "thunder snow"––the strange phenomenon during which there is actually, yes, lightning and thunder as it snows. As soon as this storm clears out (after leaving 6 to 12 inches), another snowstorm is arriving on Sunday into Monday. I have no real problem with any of this ('tis the season, fa-la-la-la-la), except that the big kids are coming home ––Elliot from Providence, Rhode Island, tomorrow afternoon (in the middle of the first storm) and Hannah from NYC on Monday (in the middle of the second storm).

I would bet that neither of them will make it on time, and I expect Nightmare Road Trips from Hell to go pick them up at the airports (Muskegon and Grand Rapids, respectively). For the moment, my responsibilities in the pick-up-and-transport department only put me in Muskegon tomorrow. Because the Muskegon Airport is only 5 miles down the road, it would seem that I have the easy part.

I remain very busy in my day job, but was hoping to take some time off between Christmas and New Year's Day. I did manage to get my grades in for my poetry class on a timely basis. I will miss this particular group of poets. Next semester, I am teaching composition once again, and will have to revise my syllabus over the holidays. I would much prefer to be writing poetry to all of this. Other than seeing Elliot and Hannah, that is, who haven't been home in a long while.

Oh, yes! And Erika will be home from Cambridge, so I will have to see her and get the Harvard Report, and fill her in on all the day-job news.

Today we went to the Christmas Sing at Walden Green Montessori School for Carlos and Liam. That was totally sweet.

Stay safe and warm, all of you.


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