Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weather Mysteries

I am not sure how this is possible. On Tuesday, we had three feet of snow on the ground. It then rained through Christmas. Yesterday, the temperature was around 60 degrees (F) all day, melting what was left of the snow and turning our yard into a vast lake. We now have 40 to 60 mph winds and a temperature of 30 degrees (F). Our yard-lake is turning into a skating rink, trees have fallen all over the county (we lost our power overnight but it came back on; others were not so lucky), roads are flooded everywhere and it is supposed to snow.

Were it February, this would be suicide weather.

Not to worry. I have my books, and my poetry to protect me. I am a rock. I am (almost literally) an island.

Shown is 104th Avenue and Adams Street.


Blogger Collin Kelley said...

It's global warming.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Susan Och said...

Yup. You put more energy into the system and the system becomes more unstable.

Words matter. "Global warming" sounds benign, at least to those of us who have seen too many winters. "Climate Change" is too vague. "Climate Chaos" might be the right phrase, at least for this month's weather.

12:56 PM  

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