Sunday, December 28, 2008

Progress Notes

I have thirty-nine pages (22 poems) of hummingbird material, all of which comes together fairly well into a manuscript concerning the work of Martin Johnson Heade. I also have 28 pages (18 poems) that are overtly unrelated to the Heade poems.

I am trying to decide what to do with all of this. I'd like to mail some submissions over the New Year's weekend, which will prompt me to focus this week--revising, polishing, thinking seriously about good homes for what I have so far.

The first write-through of my new manuscript is nearing completion. This is the first time I have attempted to write something "themed" from the outset. In earlier manuscripts, I simply wrote a bunch of poems and then looked through them for a thread around which to gather the collection. That seemed clear enough as an approach.

Anyway, I thought this project was fairly straightforward, but I gave a copy of the Heade materials to my daughter Hannah, who is preternaturally clever. After reading it, she pronounced herself baffled. Exactly what is (was) my little point? Obsession? Failure? I feel as if I have one--if not several such points, but if that isn't coming across...

Still though, alas, I invoke these almost deadly birds of the soul.


Blogger Susan Och said...

I thought of a photo I've had for a while, and published a sort of sideways look at hummingbirds today. I hope you'll find it funny, and not horrifying.

12:20 PM  
Blogger greg rappleye said...

Funny--in a sick humored way!

I left a comment at your blog.

1:58 PM  

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