Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morning in Fly-Over Country

We went out this morning to Culver's in Grand Haven, which was holding a pancake breakfast to benefit the Lakeshore Military Families Support Group. Breakfast was good and the boys in particular had a fine time of it--coloring pictures for the troops, having their faces painted, "fishing" for trinket prizes, and posing for photographs with a soldier who was home on leave.

Our congressman, Pete Hoekstra (R-Holland), was at the event and I had an opportunity to ask him about the Wall Street bailout (which he reluctantly supports) and the anticipated bailout of the automobile industry, which he views with considerable skepticism. I do not agree with much of what Congressman Hoekstra stands for, but I like him personally; the way I like most of our local Republican elected officials. They are generally competent at what they do, they listen, and they are reliable stewards of public resources. There are many good reasons to have local governments run by those who think as Republicans do--they are practical, have the welfare of the community at heart, and are cautious in the best way--not out-spending the capacity of the government and its citizens to pay for public improvements and economic development.

I couldn't help but feel sorry--and concerned--for the military family members and the children of our soldiers who were at this event. They are the unfortunate American victims of our ill-considered war in Iraq.

After breakfast, we took the boys for haircuts. With the exception of going to a parade, I don't think that our morning could have gotten any more "All-American" than it was. After a week of economic panic and loathsome political behavior, it was a reassuring (yet sobering) start to the day.


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