Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tigers Trade Pudge Rodriguez to the New York Yankees

How many magic beans is New York letting us have?

AND we get to keep our underpants, three cat's eye marbles and the Mackinac Bridge, too?!?!


Thanks, Mr. Steinbrenner!


Blogger Neil Kelly said...

I'm still confused about an even up trade for Farnsworth. They had him in 2006 and I'm pretty sure they let him go for the same reasons the Cubs originally traded him to Detroit. I know Pudge is up there in age and the Tigers need bullpen help, but I thought for sure that it would be Farnsworth and some minor leaguer thrown in.
I guess Detroit has confidence that Inge can take over the full time catching duties.

Oh well, GO CUBS!!

The Brew Who?

1:12 AM  
Blogger greg rappleye said...


The Tigers went out and got Rodriguez (for a lot of $$$) during the (very!) lean years with the idea that they could build around him and reap the benefit at the end of his contract.

In a critical series against the White Sox last week, the Tigers only played Pudge two of the series' three games.

Now, when it is supposed to pay off, they trade Pudge for someone who wasn't good enough to even play on their team during the losing years.

No, I do not understand it.

6:20 AM  
Blogger erika said...

Maybe the Tigers needed yet another pitcher that can only throw fastballs over the meat of the plate? I do not understand this one, but since Pudge knows Tigers pitchers better than anyone and he didn't try to block the trade, I'm a little concerned. A guy at that stage of his career only goes somewhere he thinks he can win.

I expect (and have to accept) these kinds of deals from Millen but not Dombrowski. Can you believe preseason starts next week?

9:37 PM  

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