Saturday, July 19, 2008

How Cool!

My poem "Blackbirds" which appeared in the April, 2004 edition of POETRY, is the "Poem of the Day" today on the Poetry Foundation's website.


Blogger Edward Byrne said...

It is a wonderful poem!


12:07 AM  
Blogger Diane K. Martin said...

Yes, a wonderful poem. And so cool that it had a second life.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Macy Swain said...

Ted and I started our day by listening to it at the kitchen table. Thank you for this Sunday treat. I love the way it ends. Whose voice is it, do you know?

12:46 PM  
Blogger C. Dale said...

Nice. Congrats.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Susan Och said...

What a nice surprise!

9:27 PM  
Blogger greg rappleye said...

Thank you all.

No, I do not know who is reading the poem on this recording.

6:31 AM  
Blogger sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations, Greg. That's a fine poem.

10:58 AM  

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