Monday, March 17, 2008

Hectic Weekend

The Walden Green Montessori auction was a lot of fun, though it did go past my normal bedtime. The broadside went to someone who loved it, the books sold, and we came home with a basket full of games for the boys (Uno, checkers, chess, Sorry!, Twister, etc.), a wooden truck for Liam, and a certificate for Carlos to visit a museum in Grand Rapids with two teachers and two of his friends.

Carlos was sick all weekend and last night we had to bring him into the emergency room in Muskegon. I'm afraid he has what we used to affectionately call "barfalonis of the blowhole." They pumped some fluids into him, gave him something to calm his stomach, and sent him back home with us. He slept through the night, so we may be past the crisis.

Poor guy.


Blogger Susan Och said...

I had a simlar experience with my oldest. Both kids got rotavirus, with vomiting and the runs. Around the fourth day I really looked at my four year old and realized that she was just skin and bones. We had no health insurance, but our dear doctor arranged for her to spend the night at the local hospital as an outpatient so that she could get an IV and we could remain solvent. The next day she was plumped up and feeling fine. I held out for about ten days before I found myself sitting on the porch, hugging the dog, and waving to the neighbors driving by as tears ran down my face. The doctor told me that many kids in areas without access to a simple IV once they get to that condition.

By now the dog is dead, the doctor is deas, the hospital has closed and the daughter is married off. Just writing about it, the tears roll again.

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