Friday, February 08, 2008

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...but Buddy, I'm a Kind of Poem

An anthology of Poems about Frank Sinatra,
edited by Gilbert L. Gigliotti

Published by Entasis Press of Washington, D.C.


Publication date: January 26, 2008
ISBN 978-0-9800999-0-4

GIlbert L. Gigliotti's anthology of verse referencing Old Blue Eyes in
every possible way will delight both Sinatra fans and poetry fans
alike. The sixty poets Gigliotti has included offer a multiplicity of views
that are, as Gigliotti says in his introduction to the book, "as
contradictory as the man himself . . . at times harsh, satiric,
sentimental, erotic, comic, and tragic."

Poets include:

Gerald Early
David Lloyd
Landis Everson
Kathleen Norris
Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Diane Raptosh
Allen Ginsberg
Jack Ridl
Beckian Fritz Goldberg
Ravi Shankar
William Hartman
Ruth Stone
George Jessel
Virgil Suarez
David Lehman
Robert Wrigley

Gilbert L. Gigliotti is Professor and Chair in the Department of English at Central Connecticut State University.

I have two poems in this anthology: "Last Walk with Sinatra's Dog" and "From the Vegas Cantos," both of which appeared in A Path Between Houses (University of Wisconsin Press, 2000).


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