Thursday, February 07, 2008

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Take 1

Perhaps because I have been looking at so much representational painting lately (chiefly, religious icons and Heade's hummingbirds), I was knocked out by "Galisteo Creek" (1992) by Susan Rothenberg (1945- ) when I saw it in the Metropolitan Museum of Art last Sunday. I am not sure why I was so affected by this painting.

It makes me want to look more closely at Rothenberg's work.

Here's what Rothenberg has to say about the piece:

"I’m pretty interested in this idea of looking down at a scene, getting distance from it and looking down upon it I’m almost positive it’s from my walks and the geography here—the creek bed and the arroyos. Sometimes I’m above, and sometimes if I’m walking in the creek I can’t see the clouds because the cliffs cut them off. And I can’t wait sometimes to get up, especially in the monsoon season. Then I see these tower-of-power clouds. And other times I’m on the top walking along, looking down into these bays, these meadows that have happened through erosion in the creek bed."

— Susan Rothenberg

Rothenberg lives in New Mexico.


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