Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Sorry to have been such a bad blogger recently. I've been so busy at work and (with the new semester) at school, I haven't set aside time to write. If I am not writing, I am not blogging, either. That has to change this week, because I must finish up my presentation for the AWP Conference.

I am also hoping to be able to announce a few upcoming events (readings, etc.) in the next ten days or so.

I can tell you that it is cold here, very cold. Our high yesterday was 12 degrees, and because the wind is from the West-Northwest, we've had quite a bit of lake effect snow. On my way into town this morning in a near blinding squall, my friend (above) swooped low over my car--perhaps 20 feet above the snowy pavement. It could be that he thought the Subaru was a peculiarly large vole.

I always take such sightings--owls, coyotes, eagles--as signs of something or other. I think the eagle's appearance meant that is it time to get back to work.

The first thing I must do is clean up my desk, which is strewn with notes, books, stray poems and journals.

To paraphrase Adam Deutsch, "Goals, baby. Goals."


NOTE: No, I did NOT take this photograph! I doubt that I could get close enough to an eagle to take one like this. And besides, it is(was!) too darn cold to get out of the car.



Blogger Adam Deutsch said...

At least someone is responding to my brand of motivational speaking. See you in NYC!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Cold here too--11 this morning. And no eagles, alas.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Charmi said...

Nice pic. I finished Figured Dark at the airport yesterday. It was fabulous. And while pulling into the YMCA lodge out in Colorado, we almost hit an owl who was swooping and chasing some other flying thing. It was very dark, so we couldn't tell which owl, which other flying thing... But the owl roosted on a light pole and stayed and watched us for a very long time.

11:15 AM  

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