Monday, January 28, 2008

Signing at the AWP Conference

I will be signing copies of my new poetry collection, Figured Dark, at the University of Arkansas Press booth on Friday, February 1 from 4-5 p.m.

Be sure to stop by and say Hello!


Blogger Margaret said...

Holy cow. I'll be there.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Have fun!!

Maybe next year we'll both go and we can have coffee!

11:13 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Huh. I seem!! to be fond! of exclamation points! these days!!

I hope you sell a lot of books and that your panel goes really well and that all is good. The book deserves a wide audience.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

An absolutely beautiful cover, too.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Collin said...

That cover is gorgeous. Hope you had a great AWP.

11:28 AM  

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