Friday, December 14, 2007

"She Broke Gin Bottle--Found Husband Dead"

There is an interesting essay in the most current New Yorker (December 17, 2007) concerning the life and mysterious death of novelist Malcolm Lowry.* The author, D.T. Max, marshalls some circumstantial evidence (and a great deal of speculation) to suggest that Lowry's wife Margerie, gave Lowry an intentional overdose of barbituates on the night he died. The article was prompted by the recent release of The Voyage that Never Ends: Malcolm Lowry in His Own Words (New York Review of Books Press, 2007), a collection of Lowry's previously unreleased fiction, fragments, letters and poems, edited by Michael Hoffmann.


*"Day of the Dead: Malcolm Lowry's Mysterious Demise," by D.T. Max, p. 76


Blogger Susan Och said...

That reminds me of the interview with the couple who had been married 70 years. They asked the wife, "Did you ever consider divorce?"

"Heavens, no!" she answered, "Murder, maybe, but never divorce!"

11:27 AM  

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