Monday, November 05, 2007

The Benefit

There was an amazing crowd for the Julie Moulds Rybicki Benefit at the Kraftbrau Brewery yesterday in Kalamazoo. It's hard to say how many people were crammed into that funky little place--it was already a sea of faces when I got up to read around 4:30. There were poets and writers and musicians and artists from Detroit, Western Michigan University (where Julie received her MFA) , the Traverse City area, northern Indiana (including blogger-poet David Dodd Lee) and a number of faculty members from Hope College, where Julie did her undergraduate work.

It was good to see old friends and to meet some new ones as well.

Thanks to an ill-timed attack of gout in my left ankle, I was in some pain the whole afternoon and left a bit after 5, much earlier than I would have preferred. I wish Julie all the best as she goes for her bone marrow transplant. Please keep her, John and their son in your thoughts and prayers.


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