Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend, with Hummingbirds

I spent the weekend working on a longish new poem. This is another--actually, the title poem--in the series that is a central concern of my manuscript-in-progress. I have been thinking about this poem for many months (if this poem fails, everything fails) and hadn't really known how to "enter" it: where to begin, what, precisely, to say. I did not want to simply explicate the painting. Over the past several days, I found both an entry to the poem (a narrative subtext, if you will, to underpin the whole) and had an opportunity to work on it--seriously and with attention.

I also took care of a little unpleasant, but necessary, writing business. God must have a far better plan that I did.

Today I begin teaching my second half-semester poetry class. New students, same books, same syllabus, etc. My first-half session ended last Wednesday with a class reading at a coffee house in Holland. It was great fun; I will miss that particular group.

And I have a full slate of work at my day job.



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