Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Can't sleep again. I question the enduring value of a poetics based upon insomnia.


At this hour of the night, thank God for the BBC.


Now that the Yankees are out of it, we must endure the endless, boring sports-radio question: How can the broadcast industry and baseball itself possibly survive without a "major market team" (which of necessity means a New York team--preferably the Yankees) in the playoffs?

All the more reason to root for the Indians.


Blogger Andrew Shields said...

Why not the Red Sox?

10:48 AM  
Blogger greg rappleye said...

Only because on the Dream Coasts, Boston is a "Major Market" team, while Cleveland remains--in the Manhattan imagination––just a cluster of lights among the corn silos, down there, just off the right wing.

9:52 PM  
Blogger greg rappleye said...

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9:52 PM  

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