Saturday, September 15, 2007

Progress Notes: More Dux

While working on the third project, I was most happy to be handed a fourth. James R. Elkins, the editor of The Legal Studies Forum, a law review published at the West Virginia University College of Law that often features the work of lawyer-poets (as well as interviews and critical work about lawyer-poets), asked to look at a some of my recent work, and is going to publish 21 of my poems in a special issue of the journal that should be available in early 2008. He is also going to publish those poems in a stand-alone chapbook format that should be available around the same time.

I had a similar group of poems published in Volume XXX of the Legal Studies Forum (No. 1 & 2), in 2006, which became my chapbook, "The Afterlight." These are really lovely journal issues; The Legal Studies Forum has featured the work of Simon Perchik, Ilya Kaminsky, Evie Shockley, Lawrence Joseph, Lee Robinson, Seth Abramson, Rachel Contreni Flynn, and other well-known poets who also happen to be trained as attorneys. It is an honor to be back among its pages, and a thrill to have a new chapbook on the way.

Now I must think of a title.

I am also working on some readings, and the publicity machine is coming to life for the reading with Dan Gerber on September 28.



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Blogger greg rappleye said...

Thank you!

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Blogger Brian Campbell said...

Good for you! That must feel wonderful.

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Hey, everyone:

Thank you!

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