Sunday, August 12, 2007

Progress Notes

In fact, I have not much progress to report. I had a busy week at work--my speech on Thursday went well, I think--and I had some other matters that kept my mind off the writing of poetry. Some of these issues aren't "problems" at all, of course. My oldest two children are back in town for a few days and we've been celebrating that, and the Tigers actually won one last night for a (recent) change.

On the down side, we've had some difficult news this week on Marcia's health and the weather has been a bit merciless--either too hot and humid or stagnant and clammy. My iMac is in for repairs--I am using my Macbook, so I am fully computered, but still; I prefer the iMac for day-to-day work.

To be honest, the real writing problem is that I simply seem to be of of ideas!

So for the next few days I am going to work on the business-side of writing: thinking about submissions, getting some contracts back in the mail, writing a few inquiries about readings, etc.

My book should be out in about a month. I have a reading in town in late September and two more in early November, but otherwise, my calendar is empty. I do want to make work of promoting Figured Dark and getting out to read and meet people, so I'll be setting up what I can. I've always felt that my last book didn't get the attention I had (frankly) hoped for, and I'll do what I can to see that this new one doesn't suffer the same fate.

In the meantime, it's hamburgers on the grill tonight. If you're around, stop in around 5:30. Elliot and Hannah should be here and Carlos and Liam are always looking for new team members for their late-afternoon wiffle-ball game. Bring a glove. Even though it's wiffle-ball, these boys are serious players.


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