Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Work Is, Part 14

1. I feel like I am banging my head against a more-than proverbial wall with this poem.

2. I am resisting ruthlessless because I am tired, and the poem needs a ruthless hand.

Perhaps tomorrow morning.

3. I am writing the same poem over and over, or I am writing something new. I can't tell yet.

4. I've decided I no longer mind being sneered at as a "mainstream poet." What river am I fishing in? Am I strong enough to stand against the current?

"It's not where you live, it's how you live there."

-Paul Theroux


Blogger Talia said...

Re: #4...yes and we need you. Poetry needs you to be who you are.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Why would mainstream poet be considered a sneer-worthy thing to say anyway? It's like people sneering when they say accessible, or any of the other catch phrases people use to make themselves feel smarter.

Besides, mainstream happens to most if not all great poets--if not in their lifetimes, in the ones following. Look at Stevens, Eliot, Lowell, etc.

12:15 PM  

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