Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thought for the Day 2

Another excellent read right now is the Summer 2007 issue of The Missouri Review.

Here's a comment by playwright-actor-director-fiction writer Sam Shepard, responding to a question at a "Master Class" in playwriting held at the Cherry Lane Theater in Manhattan's West Village in November, 2006. The (frankly, fascinating) presentation was transcribed and edited by Brian Bartels, and appears in this issue of TMR.

CROWD MEMBER: Is there too much craft in [the process of writing]?

SHEPARD: I don't think you can have too much craft. Maybe you can't have enough. It's a funny balance between what we like to call inspiration and what we like to call work. And you can't do without either one. If you hang around and wait for something to hit you in the head, you're not going to write anything. You've got to work. You want to work for something. And these experiences and accidents can happen anytime. Through the back door.


Blogger Macy Swain said...

Excellent quote from Sam Shepard. I'm sitting here trying to get inspired. His prod might be just what I needed. Thanks, Greg!

12:24 PM  
Blogger jenni said...

Yes, wonderful quote.

I forget where I read this anecdote, but I really like it:

There was a famous writer at a party and a surgeon said to him: "I'd like to take six months off sometime and become a novelist." to which the famous writer replied: "I'd like to take six months off sometime and become a surgeon."

7:30 PM  

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