Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Progress Notes

I finished poem No. 4 in the "June Poetry Surge" last night. If one forgets that it is already July 4 (i.e., that the great surge was held over by un-popular demand into the current month), it's still a pretty good effort--at my writing speed. I began on June 3, so that is 4 poems in thirty days; approximately a poem a week with a total line-count of 164, all while working full-time in my day job.

Of course, quantity measures nothing in poetry. But I am also happy with the quality of the poems.*

What next? It may be time to look for another hummingbird poem. I could spend the afternoon working through some materials on my friend Martin Johnson Heade.

Reading is good--

"...So things will light the lamp for other things."



*Sorry if this sounds self-involved. This blog often functions as an "open notebook," and today I feel like a worker bee who has stepped out of the hive and found the air a bit damp for a day-full of pollen. I am revving my wings; talking myself into what needs to be done.


Blogger jenni said...

Four poems with a day job is impressive! I've found, with poetry anyway, that it doesn't matter if I write every day or not, at the end of the month I still end up with the same number of workable drafts. When I write more, I usually just have more throw aways.

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