Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Progress Notes

Good progress last night and this morning on #3 in the June Poetry Surge, a poem about the S.S. Capitol, flagship of the legendary Streckfus Excursion Line.

The Decider has decided that the June Poetry Surge must continue through Sunday, July 8. On that day, I intend to stand next to my twenty year-old Weber grill*, toss several slabs of ribs thereon, and declare "Mission Accomplished." I'll be taking a few days off around the 4th so that I can finish up, fine tune what I have and finally bring these poems to justice.

I do have poem #4 in mind.

Coffee tastes good this morning.

It tastes like victory.

"I accept nothing from a brain that is dull with sleep."

-Clytaemestra, speaking in Agamemnon by Aeschylus
(Richard Lattimore, trans.)

"The Epic Newspaper Crisis of Biblical Proportions: Greg's Brain Held Hostage" continues--Day 4.


*The grill has no legs and rests under a maple tree, atop three broken pieces of concrete. It's pretty much the only thing I kept from my first marriage. But my God, that grill can cook!


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