Sunday, June 24, 2007

Goodbye, Sunday Chicago Tribune

On May 19, the Chicago Tribune shifted its Book Review from the Sunday edition of the paper to Saturday. This morning, the price of the Sunday Chicago Tribune (at least in west Michigan) jumped to $2.50. No, the loss of the Book Review on Sunday was not made right by the addition of Julia Keller's "Lit Life" column in the Sunday "Arts & Entertainment" section, particularly not at today's higher price. I have never much cared for the Tribune's editorial page, or for its Sunday Sports section, which is printed on Friday and doesn't cover Saturday's game results or sports news.

I can't justify paying more for less.

Goodbye, Sunday Chicago Tribune.

I do wish we could get newsstand copies of the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times,* and the Toronto Globe & Mail, all which have good book sections. This is a price one pays for living in a blueberry field.


*Though I just read somewhere that the Los Angeles Times has also downsized its Book Review. Once again, it must be the fault of those darned bloggers! 6/26/07


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