Saturday, June 02, 2007

5. ...And Vincent van Gogh

I don't need to rush, for there is no point in that, but I must carry on working in complete calm and serenity, as regularly and with as much concentration as possible, as much to the point as possible. The world concerns me only in so far as I owe it a certain debt and duty, so to speak, because I have walked this earth for 30 years, and out of gratitude would like to leave some momento in the form of drawings and paintings––not made to please this school or that, but to express a genuine human feeling. So that work is my aim--and when one concentrates on this notion, everything one does is simplified, in that it isn't muddled but has a single objective. At present the work is going slowly--one more reason not to lose any time.

-Vincent van Gogh, [c. 4-8 August, 1883]

I tell you, I am choosing the said dog's path. I am remaining a dog. I shall be poor, I shall be a painter, I want to remain human in nature.


How does one become mediocre? By complying with and conforming to one thing today and another tomorrow, as the world dictates, by never contradicting the world and by heeding public opinion!

-Vincent van Gogh, [c. 17 December, 1883]


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