Saturday, June 02, 2007

4. And a Moment with Louise Gluck

V.S. Naipaul, in the pages of a literary magazine, defines the aim of the novel; the ideal creation, he says, must be "indistinguishable from the truth." A delicious and instructive remark. Instructive because it postulates a gap between truth and actuality. The artist's task, then, involves the transformation of the actual to the true. And the ability to acheive such transformations, especially in an art that presumes to be subjective, depends on conscious willingness to distinguish truth from honesty or sincerity.

-Louise Gluck, "Against Sincerity"

The unsaid, for me, exerts great power: often I wish an entire poem could be made in this vocabulary.

-Louise Gluck, "Disruption, Hesitation, Silence"

Both from Proofs & Theories (The Ecco Press, 1994)


Sorry, I don't know how to do the umlaut.


Blogger sam of the ten thousand things said...

A book I turn to quite often. "To acheive such transformations" is the key.

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