Friday, June 22, 2007

Almost Random Notes, Part 13

Part 13? I hope this isn't the unlucky part.

Anyway, you know the drill:

1. Yes, I am excited about the cover of Figured Dark, which I found on Amazon. I was going to say "of all places" but Amazon is a rather logical place for the cover to appear, don't you think? Anyway, Figured Dark should be out from the University of Arkansas Press a bit before November.

I am returning the "first pages" today.

Here is a link:

Figured Dark on AMAZON

2. In addition to the book, I will have another reason to be in New York at the AWP Conference. Our panel proposal Addressing the Eclipse: Poetry and Religion was accepted, and I will be presenting--sometime during the Conference--with my co-panelists Marianne Boruch, Laura Kasischke, Robert Thomas, and moderator Roy Jacobstein. This should be a timely discussion, and I hope it will be an interesting and useful one as well.

3. I have my writing group this afternoon, and I'll be taking along one of the June Poetry Surge poems for them to see.

More later!


Blogger Talia said...

How wonderful. Congratulations.

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