Friday, May 11, 2007

The Reading

We had a great evening out last night--dinner at the Kirby Grill with Todd Davis, Susanna Childress and her husband, the musician Josh Banner, along with Jack Ridl, Jackie Bartley and her husband John. Then the reading, which was fairly well-attended--I counted 26. Both Todd and Susannna are wonderful readers, and both read from their recent books and from new work.

It was a long day for both, because they're attending a conference on Midwestern Literature in East Lansing. It was actually Susanna's second reading of the day.

I'm glad everyone had a good time. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to hear Todd and Susanna read, and am glad that we ended up with no strawberries to bring home and only 1/2 of a cheesecake.

I hope everyone survived the pleasant sugar buzz!

My special thanks to Alice Seaver at the Grand Haven Area Arts Council.


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