Monday, April 23, 2007

What Work Is, Part 9

I have a busy schedule at my day job(s) today, though because it is the end of the semester (collect the research papers and throw a pizza/movie party) my late afternoon teaching stint will be fun.

You know the drill:

1. I see there is such a thing as "Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere"! Yes, I will be voting. My non-negotiable, baseline requirements for candidates are (a) that they have a link to my page and (b) that they not also link to NASCAR sites. I suppose the first is what really matters, since one of my primary purposes in starting a blog was to be part of a larger writing community.

2. I'm going to be carrying a copy of my new poem around with me at work today. That means I am obsessed with a poem and think (on some level) that it is close to being finished. I've had some luck with my writing in the past six months--making far more progress than I did in the first year after A Path Between Houses won the Brittingham Prize. I can't say why. I'm not going to ask the Muse too many questions, either.

3. The wind has been blowing hard for the past several hours. It is supposed to rain this morning and then get colder.

Our youngest has been up most of the night, sick.

Yesterday was idyllic and I knew it wouldn't last.


Blogger Andrew Shields said...

Get well soon to that child.

8:19 AM  

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