Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reading in Grand Rapids

Last night, I read at the Grand Rapids Public Library with Heather Sellers, Jackie Bartley and Jack Ridl. We had a nice-sized crowd and the reading went well. I understand that it will be available as a podcast (we were miked for one, anyway) so I'll see if I can set up a link to it.

I read six poems from Figured Dark, the book that is coming out this fall from The University of Arkansas Press: "In the Great Field at Mount Holyoke, Under a Dome of Stars," "Lost-Love Ghazals," "American Kestrel," "Figured Dark," "Not that Happiness," and "Discontinuous Narrative."

It was good to see poets Linda Nemec Foster and Robert VanderMolen at the reading, along with a number of Hope College creative writing students.


Blogger Keith said...

Greg, you're making me homesick.

Wish I could have been there. Notice how I am not bringing up food.

Here's a question for you. I have this take off of sorts on Smart's Jubilate Ago, in which I talk about my wife.

Assuming it's any good at all, can you think of a journal that might be friendly toward it given the Smart take off? Like maybe the Journal of Poems Based on Other Poems?

9:10 AM  

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