Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Note on Process

So yes, I am lost in the dark, working on a larger poem that accretes and then retreats, each edit and rearrangement leaving a little more of something that might survive; the poem like a creature slowly creeping out of the surf and onto the beach.

I like the transitions in my thinking--the moment between the density and the intractableness of the text and the small insight, the clear thought, the realization that Yes, this can be done.

That's where I am.

Tapping away.


Blogger Keith Woodruff said...

Greg, good morning. So I was watching NOVA last night and I have to say your process sounds a lot like a cuttlefish. Which is a lot more vibrant than mine - which is more like a barnacle. Love that Hirshfield book; lots of underlining in my copy. Her poems too are endlessly rewarding. Though I didn't at all warm up to the last one - can't recall the name. Hope all is well. Tulip time can't be far away.

9:04 AM  

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