Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Okay, I am proud of myself. Essentially for teaching myself what I should have already been able to do, but still. I re-typed the whole book into Word, made a zillion typographical corrections in the manuscript, oriented everything properly on the page, made a few significant adjustments to several poems, then figured out how to insert page numbers (why is that so difficult in Word?) and taught myself how to burn the final corrected manuscript to a CD.

The only tasks left are to write a short cover letter, fill out a form for the press and address an envelope.

I know how to address an envelope.

And while I am hardy a master of Word software, I am now comfortable enough with Word to keep using it as my principal word-processing system.

I am, finally, finished!

And I went shopping, wrapped presents and cooked Christmas dinner for six.

And we managed to have a very good Christmas.

I hope you did, too.

I have a week off from work and hope to get back to my new project. Now, to sleep.


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