Thursday, December 21, 2006

Episode IV: A New Hope

3 p.m. and I have only 15 pages to go. The good news is that my Christmas present from Marcia was (is?) a new chair for my alleged desk.* Thank God, the chair arrived this morning. Great back support, perfect height to type at, so comfortable. Anna Akhmatova could describe the "chair" I've been sitting on the past few weeks. I cannot.

Anyway, I've been in such agony that Marcia let me open my present early.

I went to work for half the day and while there had someone show me how to get a word processing document onto a CD.

Told you I was a bit thick with regard to such things.

Thanks to Diane K. Martin and Robert Thomas for e-mailing me good and helpful ideas about how to get this project finished and out the door, and for their general encouragement.

I think the Jedi have arrived.

*NOTE: The alleged desk is an old door on top of two filing cabinets.


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