Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Revising, Revising

It's hard to believe that any manuscript has been more picked-over than Figured Dark. Even the title has changed at least three times. Still, I go back and find little errors that require little wrenchings. The best thing now would be to send the manuscript out the door with one last kiss. Perhaps by the end of this week.

There is a good interview with Franz Wright on the Poetry Daily website. The interview also appears in the Fall, 2006 issue of the journal Image. At the close of the interview, in which he speaks at length about the spiritual dimensions of poetry, Wright says:

"I struggle, as I get older, to accept the fact that one doesn't have to be so absolutist about everything, that one can do more than one thing at a time. I can try to be a representative of the art of poetry as well as a practicing, secret struggler with trying to write a poem. But nothing is going to stop this feeling of failure and pain at not writing what I think of as a real poem today. Nothing is going to alleviate that pain. Nothing can take it away. And that pain is all I have."


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